Rajan Vasa

Co-Founder & Director

MSEE from Stanford University, BSEE from USC, California. Serial entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience in starting and managing technology ventures. Currently also own a group of companies (RV Group) which includes companies offering Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services, Industrial IoT Solutions and Consulting Services.

Ketan Parekh

Co-Founder & CEO

28+ Years of experience in Automation and Enterprise Software MNCs like Dover, Witness, HP, Dell and Support.com. Currently, Co-founder of EroNkan and working determinedly towards scaling the operations of an IIOT organization and heralding the adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions across different industries.

Vish Desai

Co-Founder & CTO

Son, husband, and father - just about the same as most male humans in the same age range. Writing code for 20+ years, and currently trying to implement Industry 4.0 for the manufacturing sector. Worked with TCS, Citibank, Intel, SAP, and Support.com in implementing software solutions for business problems.