EroNkan Cloud Platform

Every industry that is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of products and related goods, has processes in place for continuous production and delivery. While these processes are fine tuned to a specific industry such as Automotive or Pharma, they all share one common goal, the increase of productivity and efficiency while maintaining high quality standards. EroNkan's Cloud platform and associated technologies helps companies realize this vision and provide solutions that will collect and analyze information from machines in order to provide insights into the efficiency of a process, the quality of production, the volume of production and many other features. Getting timely alerts and warnings can not only help companies avoid failures at ground level, but early warning systems can help people at various levels of the company take corrective action to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The EroNkan cloud platform, collects data and analyses the same in real time to provide various features that will be of immense benefit to both the machine manufacturers and also their end customers.


Data Aggregation

Easily access data about individual machines based on the parameters or choose a more broader view of your organization. Data is collected and analysed in real time for maximum benefit.

Data Analytics

Collection of data is only useful, if people benefit from the knowledge it contains. We provide state of the art tools that can be used to analyze machine data and present the same in near real time. Using KPI Dashboards and similar features, your organization benefits from not only real time data but historical trends as well.


The EroNkan Cloud platform employs the latest security and compliance standards for data security. We are always looking to get ourselves certified from accredited organizations that set the stands for data safety. We also offer in-premise solutions so that our plaform can be run offline in your premises for additional safety. Our access control features ensure that people get to see data most relavent to them and on a need to know basis.

Anytime, anywhere

Continous availability of information is key to the success of a company and its operations. The EroNkan's cloud platform reduces IT overhead by managing the server infrastructure on the cloud. Our cutting edge technolgoies ensure that we can update and enchance the cloud plaform, with near zero downtime. We feel this is critical to any company as their machines are expected to run 24/7/365.

EroNkan Alerting System

The EroNkan Alerting system along with the resolution centre allow organisations to better mange alerts and critical infrastructure. Together with the EroNkan Cloud platform, we can deliver quick decisive information to all concerned parties about machine health and operational parameters of a assembly line. Using the EroNkan Alerting System companies can understand reasons for errors, the frequency of error and time taken to rectify those errors. Using this, companies can improve their processes or take corrective action to ensure that systems are running smoothly.



We provide SMS based alerts from the cloud against pre-configured phone numbers. You can configure the error message and any other information required to quickly address the problem. Our escalation matrix ensures that errors reach multiple people at various levels so that actions can be taken effectively.


We provide SMS, push notifications (iOS and Android) to all our registered users. Different notifications can be configured against different sets of parameters. As an example, the maintenance department may be interested in completely different alerts as opposed to supplies and logistics department.


An alert is only useful if corrective action is taken and recorded. It is also important to understand the reasons for the error, track its frequency and ensure that processes can be changed so that errors can be avoided in the future. The EroNkan Resolution Centre helps track alerts and errors originating from machines. Once a alert is generated and resolved, it can be used to do root cause analysis and thus take corrective action.

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