EroNkan's Industrial IoT Platform provides world class infrastructure that enables IoT technology to be applied across various industries and verticals, that provides insights into industrial processes, machine performance and shop floor dynamics. Our product allows manufacturing units to quickly and efficiently obtain, aggregate and analyse critical process data that can then be displayed as customize reports, alerts and dashboards. Our platform helps companies scale effectively and improve their OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

We work closely with OEMs, System Integrators and numerous industry experts to provide continuous improvements to manufacturing processes, data acquisition system and help companies become competitive both locally and globally. We truly believe that we can provide the necessary expertise and insights to enable many industries to adopt the IOT and data automation technology to work towards setting up the Industry 4.0 standard.

Major Platform Features

We can create customized MIS (Management Information System) reports detailing production performance and KPI’s that can be generated for custom timeframes (hourly, shift-wise, daily, monthly) and in Excel and PDF formats. These reports can then automatically be sent out over email.

We continue to heavily invest in intensive R&D for our data acquisition and platform system so that we can continue to add and deliver more exciting features and capabilities through our platform.