About Us

Who We Are

EroNkan was founded in 2014 and introduced IoT technology to connect your machines, sensors and data to improve plant production efficiency , quality control and KPI dashboards. Our central goal is to provide tools and infrastructure that can be used by machine manufactureres, regardless of the industry to better understand the needs of their customers, get insights into operational metrics like production efficency, data aggregation and help them and their customers avoid failures, or drops in quality. Our goal is to provide information that is critical to the decision making process both at ground level and for senior management.

The need of the hour is for a system that can be easily used by people from various industries such as Plastics, Boilers, Textiles, Beverages etc to monitor machines and infrastructure critical to their operations.

It is our aim to provide such a robust, secure and reliable solution across the board so that we make our mark in industries that shape our day to day lives.

Core Strength

With combined experience of more than 30 years in building industrial automation systems, software solutions and customer support infrastructure, we are ideally placed to take this giant leap and provide solutions at a quality bar that is expected in the manufacturing industry and the industrial sector at large.